Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker who has been in the profession for many years. That is why he is experienced. He is among individuals who have led a successful career path. Anil Chaturvedi has been privileged to work for some of the largest and successful organizations in the world. Through working with such organizations, he has gained a lot of experience in investment banking, corporate banking and corporate advisory among others.


He is an educated person who went to Meerut University. Here he earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Anil loves education, and that is why he decided to further and attended Delhi University and achieved a Masters in Finance and economics. It is through acquiring such knowledge that Anil Chaturvedi gained the knowledge to enable him to venture into the banking sector. The experience has contributed to his success, and it has helped him even today.


Work experience


He is among the few people with great job portfolios. Since he launched his career, he has worked for several companies helping them to achieve their goals. In most of these organizations, he has risen to ranks where he has been challenging the status quo. His areas of specialization include investment banking, marketing analysis, management of wealth, risk management, corporate finance, equities and financial analysis among others


In 1987 he got the opportunity to work with the State Bank of India. He was the manager tasked with planning and development at the bank. He was responsible for proper planning, and he would implement strategies that would attract more clients at the bank. Within five years his strategic plan was successful recording millions of dollars. His leadership skills led to such immense growth within a short period.


Later he left the bank and became the vice president as well as a senior representative for US processes. He would ensure the development of product, proper leadership skills and issues with compliance. He went to become the managing director of a wealth solution bank known as Merrill Lynch. He worked for over ten years with the bank to become one of the best wealth advisors around the world.