Attorney Karl Heideck Is Trying To Understand Pennsylvania Legislation

Attorney Karl Heideck
Attorney Karl Heideck

Attorney Karl Heideck is trying to understand why Pennsylvania lawmakers have reversed a decision made by a prestigious Philadelphia judge. This decision prohibits employers from asking employees about their previous salaries. This also prohibits employers from obtaining past salaries of a current employee without the knowledge of the current employee.

Attorney Karl Heideck points the finger at business owners, especially concerning the fact that business owners fund many campaigns for people in positions of power. Attorney Heideck believes one of the main reasons why business owners do not want this law to take effect is due to the way women are treated. It has been proven that women make less than men in many professional areas. Being that most business owners will only have to match a previous salary, they want access to all previous salaries.

Attorney Heideck is developing a committee on behalf of the Philadelphia judge who signed to bill for this law to go into effect. Attorney Heideck believes starting a committee will cause lawmakers to think twice before shooting down this law. Many people in the Philadelphia area are on the side of Attorney Heideck, especially since much of Philadelphia is made up of women.

This is one of the first employment cases Attorney Karl Heideck is getting involved in. Attorney Karl Heideck began his career by graduating at the top of his class at the James E. Beasley School of Law, which is a branch of Temple University. Attorney Karl Heideck went on to work for several different major law firms in the Philadelphia area. Working for several different law firms help Attorney Karl Heideck gain all the experience he needed in various areas of the law. Attorney Heideck defended litigants in both civil and criminal law. One law firm he worked for even helped him gain experience in family law.

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