Daniel Taub: Leaves Behind A Legacy

Daniel Taub, who is the current UK-Israel Ambassador serving in the UK, is not about playing the blame game. Since he has been the ambassador, trade between the UK and Israel has gone through the roof.

He says it’s time to stop blaming, and start fixing problems. Communication is the key to a partnership with other countries and the freedom to have discussions about current issues and try to come to an understanding with other entities and help one another is the outcome that Daniel Taub is after. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/ and http://www.behance.net/danieltaub

There have been over 300 Israeli businesses that have come to fruition in the UK and business trade is in the Billions of dollars. Daniel Taub loves the idea that a country can be open to immigration and know that immigrants can be productive members of society and can actually help the country thrive.

In 2014, a representative of a city in the UK call Bradford, George Galloway, declared that his city would be an Israeli free city. Daniel Taub reluctantly visited the city after that declaration. This goes against every thing Taub stands for. He believes we should look at everyone as equals and learn to work side by side. He believes that the rich cultures are vibrant and could benefit from other cultures.

Daniel Taub also feels that racism should not exist. He says that Israeli people who are college students should be able to protest and discuss on campus when they are being treated unfairly without repercussions. He is very concerned about the how the views of the Israeli people are being stifled on campuses.

It is not known who will be Daniel Taub’s successor, but they will be big shoes to fill. The new ambassador will need to be able to continue the legacy.

They will have to make sure that businesses continue to thrive and that diversity will continue to create new cultures so that people can learn about each other’s heritages and learn from them.

The struggle continues for people to fight against mistreatment of others and to try to counter them with good deeds of kindness.

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