Dr. Saad Saad and His Career in Surgery

After 47years in the medical field, Dr. Saad Saad is retiring. He is leaving behind an everlasting legacy full of service, innovations, and sacrifice. Dr.Saad comes from Palestine. He was born in the late 1940s. At this time in history, Palestine nation was going through a hard time. Israel nation was coming up and his forced many Palestinians to flee their homes. DR. Saad’s mum was forced to leave for Kuwait with her kids while his dad had gone to work. Late on their father joined them. Dr. Saad spent his childhood in Kuwait.

While still in high school, Saad went out with his brother to a construction site on a hot day. The sun reflected on him, and he came ill to a level of fainting. After waking up in the evening, it was apparent to Saad that outdoor labor was not for him. In his thoughts, he started to figure out where he could find a relaxed environment if at all he was to have a career. It then dawned on him that the only cool place in the whole of Kuwait was in an operation room. Since that day Dr. Saad set his mind to pursue medicine as a career. According to Dr. Saad, one can become anything they want to be as long as they set their mind on it and work toward achieving success.

Dr. Saad has advice to anybody who wants to become successful in anything they are pursuing. Dr. Saad Saad advice to people is that they should only accept success once they have decided on what to do. In addition to this, he claims that never wait until tomorrow to achieve something that you can accomplish today. This is one of the rules that has contributed to his career success. He also believes in work ethics that allows him to maximize his day fully. Immediately he arrived in the United States; he decided he wanted to be a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon. This was a rare achievement for any surgeon in the US at this time. He was excited to improve his education as well as enhance his knowledge which opened a sensational door for his career. He was the only certified pediatric surgeon in the whole United States by the mid-1880s. He actively involved himself in finding ways of reducing pain as well as the risks that patients undergo during surgery. Over the years, he created various new procedures to improve pediatric surgery. Learn more : https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted