Eva Moskowitz Wants To Change How Students Learn In NYC

The Students Of NYC Need Help

New York City is in danger of failing its students. So far the public schools simply aren’t giving students the help they need in order to reach their potential and this is clearly visible in the ailing grades that so many students receive. Something needs to be done about this and something needs to be done quick. This is why the work being done by Eva Moskowitz is so important. There is so much to do but she is prepared for the task.



The Success Academy Gives It

The Success Academy is probably one of the most prominent examples of how Moskowitz is changing the education conditions of the students living in New York City. The students who go through her program manage to receive better grades and manage to find their way to college at higher rates. This isn’t simply something that stands out when compared to public schools either. The Success Academy also succeeds in giving students higher grades than those who are currently attending public schools as well. This is simply something that New York City needs more of.



What Are The Results?

Eva Moskowitz is a results driven woman and it’s no surprise that the results of her hard work are paying off with the students of New York City. Moskowitz is now running for office in New York City and she wants to make sure that the city sees better results than it currently has with its public education system. She believes that the students of New York should be put first because the interests of future generations are the interests of our current day.



About Eva Mozkowitz

Eva Moskowitz is one of the most well known education reformers in New York City today. She is a registered Democrat but she is willing to reach across the aisle in order to give the people she represents the best she can. With decades of experience in education she uses her knowledge to help the people of her city get what they need.




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