Fortress Investment Group: Registering in the New York Stock Exchange has Proved Beneficial to the Progress of the Company

Fortress Investment Group, a renowned alternative asset manager, stands to be counted as one of the largest asset manager in the industry regarding customers and asset base. However, the company would not have attained this status were it not for the bold decision of its leaders who decided to register the company in the New York Stock Exchange. The company was the first asset manager to be registered in the stock market.

Although the move to register Fortress Investment Group was not received well by many market analyst, it has proved to be one of the shrewd strategies the organization has ever implemented since its inception. The first benefit that the organization gained when it was registered included getting exposure to a large number of customers who wanted to receive financial services from an asset manager. Getting a large number of customers helped the organization to increase its income while at the same increase the portfolio of the asset the firm was managing.

Fortress Investment Group also gained a significant amount of money after selling its shares to the members of the public. The money gained would later be invested to make the services of the company to be more professional while at the same time meeting the standards of an asset manager operating in this technological era. Since Fortress Group started trading on the New York Stock Exchange, it has never lacked the finances to expand its operations in the industries available.

Fortress Investment Group has gone further to adopt and implement technology as one of the best ways of ensuring that it meets the needs of the customers within the shortest period. The company also managed to serve a large number of customers using technology than it did before while at the same time enduring that it minimized its overall costs after reducing paperwork and the number of individuals needed to work in the company.

The position of Fortress Investment Group in the investment management industry took a different turn in 007 when the company went public. It was an unprecedented move, and it had to leave many tongues wagging. Many people thought that the decision was a form of self-assassination, but it later came to prove that it was the best that the company had ever made. Most of the companies that were speculating to see the outcome of the move were astonished and were left with no option other than following the bandwagon or else they could be left behind.