Here is What I Learned About Securus Technologies and Their Work in Prison Security

Securus Technologies recently released an article that contained multiple testimonials from users of its prison security technology products and services. I found the testimonials to be incredible genuine and informative. As a person that has never had – and hopefully never will – any interaction with the prison system, I didn’t have much tangible knowledge on what “prison security technology” truly meant. I envisioned something along the lines of a guard clicking a key fab to open and close a door similar to my Nissan Altima.


After reason the article and learning a bit more about Securus Technologies, I saw how important having those technology systems in place is in today’s world. Prisons and correctional institutions are no longer immune from technology being smuggled in. This technology can do as much harm as drugs being smuggled in. Securus Technologies works incredibly hard to make sure prisons can be 100% on top of potential mobile phone threats and can act on them quickly and efficiently.


One example provided that was particularly tangible was the monitoring of a phone call that led to an internal arrest of an employee of the prison. After using monitored phone calls to prove suspicion of corruption, they were able to obtain a warrant and put a stop to the employee bringing in contraband items to the facility. Another example that really resonates regards the company’s Location Based Services. A Sheriff’s Department was able to track down millions of dollars of illegal assets including drugs and confiscate them. Another testimonial spoke about the monitoring solution’s ability to help them be more fair and collect more data when dealing with complains of harassment against their staff. Finally, specific reporting data provided by Securus Technologies allowed one agency to become more proactive in how they monitor, deter and put a stop to contraband devices being brought into the facility.