Jeff Herman: Fighting For Sexual Abuse Victims

Sadly, sexual abuse cases are nothing new. With the rise of the “#me too” movement in the wake of the sexual Assault Allegations Against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men sexual assault and abuse cases have entered the national conversation, but many attorneys have been advocating or sexual abuse victims for years prior to the movement. One of those attorneys is Jeff Herman the founder of Herman Law in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to advocating on the behalf of the victims of sexual abuse Jeff Herman is also a nationally recognized coach to law enforcement and mental health professionals on dealing with and empowering the victims of sexual abuse.


In Jeff Herman’s opinion being an attorney, in any specialty, requires drive and determination. This is doubly true when specializing in sexual abuse cases, because the clients require special care and attention due to the trauma that they have undergone. An attorney in this area of the law needs to be able to be empathetic and supportive of the clients in addition to being skilled in the courtroom. Jeff Herman provides each potential client a free consultation and if the client decides to move forward with legal representation, Herman Law’s team begins work immediately on getting the victims the justice that they deserve.


With years of experience in sexual abuse cases Jeff Herman and his team recognize that sexual abuse cases require the participation and support of friends and family of the victim. Herman Law tries to bring in the victim’s family and friends to work with the victim to get their life back on track while the case proceeds through the litigation process, which can often be stressful and lengthy. For Jeff Herman the goal is not simply to win the case, but, rather, to ensure that his clients are empowered to life their lives to the fullest.


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