Paul Herdsman And NICE Global Company

According to Paul Herdsman, it is not an easy task to start a business and be able to manage it. Such a task calls for hard work, know-how, and dedication. Paul Herdsman who is the co-founder, as well as the Chief Operating officer of NICE Global, has these three components of sustaining an organization. These three main factors have helped Herdsman in his operations of running NICE Global. NICE Global came into existence in 2014.


The company offers business solutions to other organizations and has its head offices in Montego Bay in Jamaica. Born in Jamaica, Paul Herdsman later moved to America and currently lives in Florida. Paul claims that before starting the company, he did not have the required experience in that industry. Moreover, he did not know how to manage people as well as whether the infrastructure would be able to accommodate the company needs. However, contrary to his worries the idea became successful leading to the current NICE Global.


Led by Paul Herdsman, the primary goal of NICE Global is to help organizations regarding retaining their customers, increase their revenues as well as lowering their overhead. NICE Global offers these services through technical support, back-office operations, customer service outsourcing, after-hours support, and outsourced email services. Paul Herdsman emphasized valuing the efforts and treat employees for an organization to be successful.


When employees feel like the company values them, they will not think of leaving an organization. In addition to this, companies must ensure that their employees receive the necessary training for better results. Moreover, Herdsman claims that rewarding employees after a job well done is one way that has made his company to excel.


Through performance indicators, the company can award good performance hence motivating others to do better. Besides, NICE Global looks for the best talent when it comes to recruiting. Therefore, all these are the factors that make NICE Global ahead of the rest. Go To This Page for additional information.



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