Rodrigo Terpins and His Absolute Advantage at The Sertoes Rall

It is said that if you love what you’re doing, you may be able to get an absolute advantage over the competition. Because of your passion, your adaptive expectations in the tournament are sharper, more arrestingly accurate and also driven. In the case of the intensity of Rodrigo Terpins in his love for race car rally, it is evident that he has what it takes to succeed in a game even if that game could risk his life. This is not because of his skills, but because he has what it takes to reach his goals: passion and drive.

The Business Profile

Before we go to to the race car history of Rodrigo Terpins, we should indicate here that Mr. Rodrigo is a known Brazilian businessman who has built a reputation for helping various clients and companies achieve their goals. Besides being the founder of AIM and ABVTEX, Mr. Rodrigo is also known for helping in projects involving environment reforestation and sustainability.

The Racing History

What stands out in the profile of Rodrigo Terpins is the fact that he’s participated in a lot of Sertoes Rallies in Brazil, and this means that his desire and passion for racing overlaps the risks inherent in joining the races. In his history of Rally Racing, the one race that stood out is the one that involves the Aruana and Barra make Garcas tracks, which was almost 50 years in distance.

The pilot in the team of Rodrigo Terpins has finished 10th place in the overall race, and that wasn’t so bad considering the amount of risk needed in the competition. It was such a hard task, but it would also be impossible to say that the entire race was an easy drill. In fact, it was not that easy. The team Rodrigo Terpins was in could not finish the whole race. The risk was too much.

Interestingly, the car that Rodrigo Terpins was in with his brother Michel Terpins is the T-Rex, which is constructed from the expertise of MEM Team. This is the car that’s usually being used by Rodrigo Terpins during Sertoes Rallies (over 5 Sertroes Rally in his name). Check out their Facebook page.

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