Securus brings Wireless Containment Systems to new venues

Securus Technologies, the country’s number one provider of inmate communications services and prison security technology, has announced that it will be dramatically expanding the availability of its Wireless Containment System. The system had been deployed to various prisons across the U.S. on a limited basis, but it proved so successful that Securus is making it immediately available to all institutions across the United States.



Battlefield technology converted to save civilian lives


Securus’ Wireless Containment System is based on STINGRAY cellular detection and interdiction technology that was first developed for and tested on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Securus was the first company in the prison security industry to notice the high level of similarity between the challenges that urban battlefields presented to soldiers and intelligence personnel and those that are faced by prison staff fighting organized gang activity.


Unfortunately, the U.S. prison system has a long, sordid history of organized criminal activity leading to the most serious possible outcomes. These include riots, direction of large scale drug deals on the outside from within prisons, hits on witnesses, witness intimidation and even the murder of prison staff. Since the mid-90s, these gangs have carried out most of their illicit activity through the use of contraband cellular devices.


Securus’ WCS technology stops contraband cell phone use dead in its tracks. The system has the capability not only to jam all outgoing and incoming radio frequencies from a cellular device, it can also intercept communications without letting the user know that he is being listened to. This technology has demonstrably stopped crimes and has likely saved lives. The ability of prison staff to rid institutions of the scourge of contraband cell phones, once and for all, provides a tremendous boost to prison safety.


By removing the criminal gangs’ means of illicit communications, WCS cripples their ability to make reliable, real-time contact with the outside world. Because gangs such as the Surenos and Nortenos have the majority of their members on the outside, the elimination of cellular devices helps fight crime as much on the outside as within the prison itself.


With such dramatic reductions in criminal activity attributable to this ground-breaking technology, Securus anticipates that it will be a popular product, for years to come.



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