Sweet Food and Exemplary Customer Experience – the Secret behind Sweetgreen’s Success

It was a month of persistent calls to the landlord before Nathaniel Ru and several of his friends could get premises to establish their first Sweetgreen restaurant. The goal: to set up a restaurant that not only serves fresh and delicious food but also is fun and easy-going.

All about Customer Experience

Sweetgreen’s head of digital marketing, Theresa Dold, says that people tend to appreciate customer experience more than they do the product. Sweetgreen has adhered to this philosophy in many aspects of its operations.

It starts with the setting – the restaurants are designed to offer a lively and relaxed experience that is rather rare in major cities. As Theresa Dold affirms, the chain of restaurants aims to be local, social, smart, and sexy. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://nrn.com/power-list-2016-Jammet-Neman-Ru

Additionally, customer service is highly esteemed in Sweetgreen’s restaurants as CEO Nathaniel Ru considers this one of the chain’s strongest pillars. Consequently, employees are well motivated to give their best.

Sweetlife – A Music and Food Experience

Sweetgreen not only offers sweet foods but also equally sweet music to go with it. In fact, it has a popular annual musical event called Sweetlife that involves sweet food and fun music.

The idea of combining sweet food and fun music came to the team when they were expanding to the chic and fashionable Dupont Circle. When no one showed up for the first two weeks, the team started playing music outside the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday, and the idea worked! It eventually matured into an annual “food and music experience” that now attracts hundreds of people.

Exemplary Success

Today, Sweetgreen is a 24-store restaurant chain that adheres to a farm-to-table approach. It has experienced tremendous success over the years, expanding from its initial 540sqf tavern on M Street in Washington D.C. to major cities and suburbs all over the North East.

However, Nathaniel Ru and his team maintain that it will not become just another restaurant chain. As such, they ensure that every restaurant is uniquely designed by a different architect and that it reflects the area’s local setting. Additionally, all foods sold in each restaurant are fresh farm produce sourced from local farmers.

Nathaniel Ru – A Brief Background

Nathaniel Ru is the CEO and co-founder of Sweetgreen, a casual seasonal chain of restaurants. He graduated from McDonough School of Business, George Town University with a BS in Finance in 2007.

That same year, Ru and two of his friends identified a need for fresh food and friendly service in Georgetown, and they managed to set up their fast restaurant in the heart of the city.

Today, Nathaniel Ru and his friends oversee a chain of restaurants across major cities in the North East, and they are planning to further expand to the West Coast.