The journey of Doe Deere In the cosmetics industry

The cosmetic world has witnessed tremendous changes in the recent years. People across the world have injected new knowledge in the manufacturing of some of the most coveted cosmetic products for women. With technological advancement, information is made available about the most trending and new beauty products on the market. Notable personalities like Doe Deere have brought significant impact in the way ladies incorporate fashion design and cosmetics. Doe Deere developed her love for different types of colors since she was a teenager. As a result, she wanted to develop cosmetic materials that would complement her love for bright and conspicuous colors. She was born in Russia and later raised in New York in the United States of America. Here, she later studied fashion designed that was very vital in her establishment in the fashion and design industry.


Doe Deere established her Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 being the first female entrepreneur to launch an online cosmetics company. The company has grown to reach millions of women across the US who have developed a passion for new designs and looks. The company operates mostly in Los Angeles and California. The company has diversified and offers unique products that are geared towards satisfying a specific niche market. For instance, the produce eye-shadow palettes, rainbow-colored liquid liners, loose pigments, glittery lip gloss and lipsticks.


Doe Deere inspiration was drawn from designing her clothes which later grew into a unique online clothing line. This later led her to modeling where she would model for the website, and as such, she needed specific looks to compliment her clothing. Lime Crime is made up of some binding principles that include rare beauty and compassionate kindness to all animals. Her journey in the industry started in 2004 where she created her own clothing line and sold it online on the eBay. This grew steadily, and after one year she started making steady sales thus opening up new investment plans. Doe Deere has been instrumental in nurturing the talent of women across the world that love exploiting new forms of fashion design. For sure, she has built an industry and made a name that is worth remembering.