The Success of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick DeVos, a man with many talents as well as many titles who is known for his work within the family company of Amway Corporation and who is also known for his work with several organizations across the country that work hard to build communities and to even improve lives in the process. Dick DeVos is known to be a philanthropist, a businessman, as well as a family man who has also put his family first and who has involved his family in each and every big decision that he has made in the world of business. As a leader, Dick DeVos respects the opinions of others and works hard to honor his family and to build a legacy for the future.


Dick DeVos is a businessman who has spent his entire life observing and experiencing business. As a young boy, Dick DeVos was taught by his father, Richard DeVos, about the rules of business and how to be a leader. Richard DeVos has always taught Dick DeVos that humility is the key and that respect is the best way to earn the trust of others. Rather than telling others what to do, Richard DeVos taught his son to trust his workers and to give them the incentive to be the best that they can be. These numerous teachings have stayed with Dick DeVos throughout his long career.


Dick DeVos wanted to be a businessman even before any formal education. Dick DeVos has fond memories of spending time with his brother and playing hide and seek. Before officially joining the company of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos remembers helping out the employees where he could by running errands for them, filing papers, and even by giving product descriptions of the sold products at Amway Corporation to the potential clients of the company.


Though Dick DeVos has been a successful businessman, Dick DeVos is a philanthropist who has made sure that a large portion of his wealth has made it to the consumer. Dick DeVos believes that success is subjective and that it can only be achieved when other individuals can enjoy the success. Dick DeVos has worked hard to fund as well as create foundations with his wife, Betsy DeVos. Together, their current endeavor is to improve the United States education system. They believe that education should be based upon merit and should be made available to every individual across the country.


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