Todd Lubar Baltimore’s Real Estate Czar

Todd Lubar has been an entrepreneur and a leader of the Baltimore real estate industry for decades. He has also worked in the credit and financial sectors and his combined knowledge has given him added business acumen. He is often consulted for his views on the potential of the real estate business in Baltimore.

Todd Lubar is actively involved in all aspects of real estate in Maryland. He has maintained the position of being one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the U.S. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and is currently President at TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar believes that the real estate industry in Baltimore is booming. Older buildings and historical landmarks in the city are being rebuilt as modern apartment blocks. Baltimore has, in his opinion, become the preferred destination of the younger generation especially new graduates starting their careers or young couples buying their first home. Unemployment rates in the city have fallen and wages have increased giving a boost to the real estate industry. Baltimore has many restaurants and shopping options that cater for young couples and new graduates.

Todd Lubar says that many old shopping centers and buildings in the Potomac area have a new face with developers recognizing the business potential of making them attractive to young residents. The 50 year old Cabin John Village Shopping Center owned by the real estate company EDENS is welcoming local and national restaurants to the area. Restaurants serving foreign and American food will be opening their doors to customers in the fall or winter of 2018.

Todd Lubar believes that the Potomac real estate market in Baltimore is one of the best in the U.S. Local companies are hiring workers for quality jobs. Many people from across the U.S. are moving here for jobs resulting in a surge in the residential real estate market. There is a great demand for homes but few homes available for sale. He advises real estate developers to study the finance and credit aspects of the business and formulate a plan for investment.

Todd Lubar is confident that the future of the real estate industry in the Potomac is promising and the best time for real estate professionals to achieve financial success by investing in the market is now.